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August 13, 2012
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"Let's just call it a day," Ludwig announced, calming everyone down. "We're not getting anywhere and all we seem to be doing is argue so, let's come back tomorrow and actually get somewhere."

Everyone in the room nodded, you included. You had gone to every meeting so far this week and there had been so many of them, it made you sick. It was Thursday and you have been going to meetings all this week, and all of last. It wasn't fun, especially since you really did nothing. You had to be there though, for you didn't want to be yelled and scolded at.

"YES," Alfred jumped up, everyone's eyes landing on him. You giggled softly, rolling your (e/c) eyes at the American. "I CAN GET MY MCDONALD'S."

"And you could shut up," Arthur instructed, standing up from his chair. Your eyes adverted over to the Brit, your cheeks heating up in the process.

"Aw, but Iggy! I really, like, really , want some McDonald's," Alfred whined, stomping his foot on the ground like a small child.

"Let's just go home before another argument breaks out," Ludwig instructed, everyone nodding and standing up from their chairs.

You kept your eyes on Arthur, not getting up from your chair quite yet. You would admit it, you were head over heels in love with the Brit. Some people might call you crazy, but you wouldn't care.

His eyes were beautiful, they were the perfect shade of green. You just loved them, and you got lost in them anytime you glanced at them. He was just so handsome, you were head over heels in love with him.

Finally, you took your eyes off the Brit, standing up from your chair. Little did you know that he disappeared, being the first one to leave the meeting.

"Hey ____!" you heard Alfred exclaim. You looked up, a wide smile on your face.

"Hey Al! What's up?" you asked him once he was standing right in front of you.

"Nothing really, I'm going to go get McDonald's!" he exclaimed, making you giggle.

Alfred was your best friend, and he always would be. He would always take you to get McDonald's or to see his new movie that was just released for theaters. The horror movies you refused to go see but, sometimes, with his puppy dog eyes, you would agree and go see it. It took a lot for you to be convinced, and normally, the two of you would scream your heads off. At the end, you were found in Alfred's lap and his head was buried into the crook of your shoulder.

Though, you didn't like Alfred romantically and he didn't like you, the two of you seemed to be a couple to everyone else. It bewildered both you and Alfred but you let it go, as long as Alfred knew you liked Arthur and you knew he didn't like you, the two of you were good.

"Sounds fun!" you exclaimed.

He nodded, looking behind you at the door. "Hey, I saw Iggy leave in a rush," he started, gaining your full and undivided attention.

"Really?" you asked, looking behind you to see the Englishman was gone, nowhere in sight.

"Yeah, he seems to be a bit...down," Alfred noted, making your eyebrows raise. It was weird that Alfred had seemed to notice this, it shocked you really.

You turned back around to look at him with a confused expression. "You know what I think will make him feel better?" Alfred asked, giving you a wicked smile.

"I don't like that smile..." you trailed off, taking a step back.

"Aw, come on ___!!" Alfred exclaimed, throwing an arm over your shoulder. "It's not that bad!"

"How?" you asked, looking up at the American.

"I think you should go to Iggy's house is all~!" Alfred exclaimed, making your cheeks go ablaze.

You threw Alfred's arm off your shoulder, glaring at your best friend. "I would love to Alfred but I kind of have a crush of him!" you hissed in a whisper so no one would hear. "I would stutter like an idiot!"

Alfred rolled his sky blue eyes at you. "You're friends with Iggy, are you not? The two of you have had conversations before!" he exclaimed.

"And I'm always blushing!" you cried, stomping your foot on the ground for extra measure.

Alfred shrugged, pushing you out of the room. "Come on ___!! You guys are friends so it won't be weird! Besides, he's always lonely!" Alfred exclaimed, seeming not to have much of a struggle to push you out of the room.

"WHY DON'T YOU VISIT HIM THEN?!" you cried, trying to get out of the man's grip.

"MCDONALD'S IS CALLING," was his answer.


You sighed, looking up at Arthur's front door in fear. You've never visited Arthur, but he's come to visit you. Yes, the two of you were friends, you were just scared to visit him. Not that he was scary! You were scared you would mess up or something and then he would get mad.

Alfred had dropped you off here, and it was convenient since the meeting was in London and his house wasn't too far. He then sped off, but you still felt as if you were being watched.

Ever since you told Alfred you liked Arthur, he has wanted the two of you to get together. He's tried EVERYTHING to get Arthur to notice you or something, literally. He almost told Arthur you liked him until you covered your hand over his mouth, commenting on how nice the weather was, Arthur agreeing with you with a raised brow.

"Might as well, I got nothing to lose," you muttered, walking up to the door. You closed your eyes tightly, knocking on the door.

About two minutes later, the door was opened to reveal none other than Arthur Kirkland himself. He had a brow raised in question but didn't question you.

"Hello ____," Arthur greeted. You gave him a smile, hoping your cheeks weren't too red.

"Hi Iggy!" you exclaimed, using his common nickname. He cringed softly but shrugged it off.

"Can I help you with something?" he asked, sounding as proper as could be.

"I just wanted to come visit you is all!" you exclaimed, smiling widely at the Brit. He tilted his head to the side, which you found absolutely adorable.

"Well, would you like to come in?" he asked, stepping aside for you to come in. You nodded, stepping inside his house.

He closed the door behind you as you looked around the house. You had never been inside of Arthur's house before and it looked rather nice. Though, you weren't surprised, this was Arthur's house after all. Everything seemed to be in place, not a mess in sight.

"I'm in here having a spot of tea," Arthur informed you. "Would you like a glass?"

You turned around, giving the Englishman a wide smile. "Sure!" you exclaimed, earning a nod.

With that said, he disappeared into the kitchen to get you a cup of tea, leaving you in the living room alone. You looked around, a small smile playing on your lips. The room looked tidy as could be, and you weren't surprised in the least.

"I hope green tea is alright with you," Arthur said when he came back into the living room with a cup of tea. You looked up at him, giving him a wide smile.

"That's fine!" you exclaimed, taking the cup from Arthur. "Thank you~!"

He nodded his head at you, going to sit down in his original seat, which was where his cup of tea was. You followed and sat on the opposite couch, watching Arthur sit down.

The two of you stayed in silence for a minute as Arthur sipped on his tea and read the paper. You sipped at your tea nervously, wanting to start a conversation with the man but too nervous too. You were scared you would make a complete fool of yourself, either that or offend Arthur.

That's definitely not what you wanted.

You gulped down all the fear that was rising in your throat after ten minutes of silence past. I got nothing to goes nothing...

"Hey, Iggy," you started, gaining the nation's attention. "You seem rather down, is anything bothering you?"

Arthur shook his head, putting the paper down. "No, ___," he told you, taking a sip of his tea. "Why would you think that something is bothering me?"

You shrugged, looking down at your reflection in the tea. "You just look down because you haven't smiled lately..." you trailed off in a whisper.

Arthur sighed at your words. "___, one just can't smile for kicks and giggles," he said. "Not a true smile. I'm fine, I just don't want to smile."

You raised a brow, a thought popping into your head seconds after. You smirked, looking up at the nation who was setting down his cup of tea.

"Well," you started, standing up and setting your cup of tea down on the coffee table before you. Arthur looked up at you with a raised brow. "If you won't smile, I guess you wouldn't mind if I did...this."

With that said, you attacked the man. He gasped in surprise, yelling at you to get off of him. Soon though, the yelling turned into a fit of laughter.

Yes, that's right. You were tickling him.

"__-___!" he exclaimed in between laughs. "S-Stop!"

You shook your head, smiling wide. "Not until I get a smile out of you!" you exclaimed.

Arthur kept on begging you to stop and eventually, he tried prying you off of him. It didn't work at first, but finally, he got out of your grip.

You pouted at the man, watching him brush himself off. "All I wanted was a smile Iggy," you whined.

That was when you got the smile you asked for, the real smile. "Well, and I want revenge," he told you. Before you could question him though, he attacked you.

Now the tables were turned.

You burst into a fit of giggles, trying to pry Arthur off of you. It didn't work since you were the weaker one.

"I-Iggy!" you exclaimed between giggles. "S-Stop!"

"I believe that's a no~!" he exclaimed, smiling widely. Your cheeks were as red as a tomato and your stomach started to hurt after some time.

Eventually, Arthur gave up, hoovering above you. The tickle war was done, but, Arthur never did really get off of you. Which made both of you look like ripe red tomatoes.

"A-Arthur," you started, using his full name but instead of letting you finish, he cut you off...

With a kiss.

Your eyes widened in pure surprise but, in just seconds, you melted into the kiss. All too soon though, Arthur pulled away with firetruck red cheeks.

"I-I'm sorry," he whispered, looking away. You smiled softly, reaching up to give Arthur a kiss on the cheek.

"No, trust me, it's fine," you mumbled.

His beautiful emerald green eyes widened in surprise. "So-So if I asked you..." he trailed off, looking all around before looking you straight in the eyes. "If you...wanted to b-be my girlfriend, what w-would you say?"

You giggled softly before responding, "I would say yes~."

He smiled widely. "So, it's a yes?" he asked.

You nodded right before he pulled you into another kiss. Finally, you got the guy you've been crushing on for sometime and all because of a tickle war...and Alfred.

You had to thank Alfred, and tell him everything that happened.

He's going to love this...

But, I finished it. I should've finished it in the morning, but, I told myself no. I had to do it before I went to bed. ...


I'll update America x Reader soon dears~ BARE WITH ME. I GET DISTRACTED.

Leave me a comment :)

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